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Intermediate Sources, Tallies, and Variance Reduction

This is an MCNP6 workshop.


 This workshop will focus on advanced sources, complex tallies, and how to use variance reduction on your problems to help your tallies converge.


 The workshop will be taught by Randy Schwarz who has been doing MCNP calculations for over 30 years and doing workshops for 20 years.


 Participants can create geometries using the software of their choice (by hand, using Nucwiz (, or the Visual Editor (


 The focus will be on running calculations and getting converged answers. Because of the small workshop size, Randy will focus the workshop to your specific needs and will apply the concepts to your problems.


 Randy has extensive knowledge in variance reduction an example of some of his work can be found here:


 Participants are encouraged to bring their own input files to apply the methods from this workshop on their specific tasks.


Monday - Geometry

Tuesday - Universes and Lattices

Wednesday - Criticality and Physics

Thursday - Sources and Tallies

Friday - Variance Reduction

Intermediate Sources, Tallies, and Variance Reduction  slide 2 
Intermediate Sources Tallies & Variance Reduction  Nucwiz Geometry Creation
slide 3  slide 4 
MCNP Geometry Cross Sections
slide 5  slide 6 
Lattices Criticality
slide 7  slide 8 
Sources TMESH Tally
slide 9  slide 10 
FMESH Tally Variance Reduction

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