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RSICC and the NEA Distribute the MCNP® 6.1/X Visual Editor


Schwarz Software & Consulting does not sell the Visual Editor.  It is distributed through RSICC and the NEA.


The April 2018, MCNP® 6.2 release does not have the Visual Editor included in the package.  Click here for solutions to any compatibility issues.


The Visual Editor can be purchased as a separate package through the Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) . It is PSR-618.  The abstract is here:


The Visual Editor is also available for free to member nations through the NEA in Paris.  Click here:


The current RSICC release of the Visual Editor is MCNPX version 25 (visedX_25.exe)  and MCNP6.1 (visplot61_25.exe) version 25.  Development of the Visual Editor is ongoing and beta versions are developed following each release.  The latest beta version can only be obtained by attending a Visual Editor workshop.


To get more information on the MCNP Visual Editor, Click Here.

You can order the code here at the RSICC site: