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Onsite MCNP Consulting for $7,500 per week with Visual Editor Consultants

In a tight economy, every cost is scrutinized.  Travel budgets are cut.  Onsite consulting by Visual Editor Consultants is the best deal you will find anywhere.


Randy Schwarz of Visual Editor Consultants will come to your location to consult on your MCNP needs.


Randy has over 25 years of experience using MCNP and conduction training workshops in all levels of MCNP/5/X/6.


Examples of MCNP consulting successes


Creation of an MCNP geometry for a Triga reactor showing flux and energy deposition.

triga1 triga2  triga3 


Fission chamber detectors in a BWR


Animation of a fission chamber moving outside a shield and through a reactor wall.

bwr1 bwr2


Fuel Cask


The Cask geometry was created in one day from CAD Drawings.

fuel cask 1 fuel cask 2


Source and geometry for a cobalt irradiator


cobalt 1 cobalt 2


Spreadsheet for automated source loading and tally plotting