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Offering Visualization services to the Nuclear Community


Papers Given on the Visual Editor

ANS Meeting at Carlsbad, NM (04/04/2006): Powerpoint Presentation given by Randy Schwarz. Title:  Wizards and Visualization Features for MCNP Geometries and Sources. Download the Paper (7.7 Meg)



Mathematical and Computation's Topical Meeting at Gatlinberg, TN(04/2003): Powerpoint Presentation given by Alysia Schwarz.  Title: 3-D Plotting Capabilities in the Visual Editor for Release 5 of MCNP.  Download the Paper(4 Meg).

Status Reports for work done on Grants

Creation of NucWiz - a simplified geometry creation interface, Conclusion of the Phase 1 grant.  Download the Report (3.6 Meg)

Visualization of Output Data from Particle Track Codes, Conclusion of the Phase 1 Grant (April 2009).  Download the Report (3.4 Meg)

Creation of MCNPX Visual Editor, Conclusion of Phase 2 Grant (November 2008):  Download the Report (7.5 Meg)

Conversion of KENO Input Files to MCNP Input Files, Conclusion of Phase 1 Grant  (June 2006)  This report is on the OSTI site.    Download the Report (587k)


Useful Tools

The Excel spreadsheet used in the Visualization class that can read mctal files.  Click Here for More Information.


Dr. Lee Carter has developed a small stand-alone program that converts MCNP output files to HTML. In addition to displaying the text, a helpful table of contents has been added to the top of the file to allow easier viewing of large files. Download Tool.