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Offering Visualization services to the Nuclear Community


Papers Given on the Visual Editor

ANS Meeting at Carlsbad, NM (04/04/2006): Powerpoint Presentation given by Randy Schwarz. Title:  Wizards and Visualization Features for MCNP Geometries and Sources. Download the Paper (7.7 Meg)



Mathematical and Computation's Topical Meeting at Gatlinberg, TN(04/2003): Powerpoint Presentation given by Alysia Schwarz.  Title: 3-D Plotting Capabilities in the Visual Editor for Release 5 of MCNP.  Download the Paper(4 Meg).

Status Reports for work done on Grants

Creation of NucWiz - a simplified geometry creation interface, Conclusion of the Phase 1 grant.  Download the Report (3.6 Meg)

Visualization of Output Data from Particle Track Codes, Conclusion of the Phase 1 Grant (April 2009).  Download the Report (3.4 Meg)

Creation of MCNPX Visual Editor, Conclusion of Phase 2 Grant (November 2008):  Download the Report (7.5 Meg)

Conversion of KENO Input Files to MCNP Input Files, Conclusion of Phase 1 Grant  (June 2006)  This report is on the OSTI site.    Download the Report (587k)