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Help, Support, and Known Bugs

Helpful tips for installing the RSICC release of LANL's MCNP6

For some tips from Randy about installing LANL's MCNP6 (with or without our VISUAL MCNP6 software) - Click here


Installing the Visual Editor


For helpful information about installing and running the Visual Editor with these versions, click the links below

The "Don't Do That" Chronicles

Don't Do that

The "Don't Do That" section is a collection of anomalies that occur in MCNP5, MCNPX, or MCNP6.  This is posted by user request and contains an explanation and a work-around (if one exists) to some of the most troubling ones.  Click here.

LEVSET fatal Error

Levset fatal error


If VISPLOT or the Visual Editor dies with a LEVSET fatal error on loading...

Specifically, if you have this problem, you will get the following error:


fatal error. LEVSET. (loff+ki).gt.mch5


It may occur many times.  Please take the following steps to fix this problem.


The best solution is to replace the default MCNPX executable and bertin files with the Win32_Seq executable and replace both the bertin and phtlib files in the mcnp_data directory with the files for this executable.  This bertin file is also compatible with the Visual Editor.  This eliminates the need to have two bertin files.


In the RSICC release, the MCNPX executable and associated bertin and phtlib files can be found in the MCNPX_2.7.0\Executables\ file.


If you are using MCNP, use the files in the MCNPX_2.7.0\Executables\ file.


Note:  I have not tried this solution on all platforms.  Please let me know if you have a configuration that is still causing the Visual Editor to die.