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MCNP Cell Creation and Visualization  Cell Creation 


The Visual Editor has the capability to both create and display MCNP cells. The figure shows a plot of the cell creation window.


The Visual Editor has the capability to create very complex cells as a series of cut and past operations. A paste operation adds to the cell definition while a cut operation removes space from the cell definition. Thus, to create the region defined between two boxes using the mouse, the user would cross the six surfaces defining the outer box, do a paste operation, cross the six surfaces defining the inner box, and do a cut operation. Very complex cells can be created as a series of cut and paste operations. The geometry shown in the figure was created entirely in the Visual Editor. The Visual Editor can also retrieve information about any cell by going into scan mode and clicking on the cell.


In the past MCNP, geometries were created by first defining all of the surfaces, then defining the intersection of the surfaces to create cells. It was essential that the user know all of the surface numbers for each cell. With the Visual Editor, it is no longer necessary to know the surface numbers. To create a cell, the user only has to select the surfaces that bound the cell and then click in the center of the surfaces to allow the Visual Editor to determine the correct sense of the surfaces. Then the user can select register to create the cell. In the Visual Editor, it is best to create one cell at a time. This has the significant advantage that the cell can be viewed when created and errors can be detected and fixed as each cell is added to the geometry.


This geometry is for a tank that is used to transport radioactive waste. This geometry was created using the visual editor. Notice in the cell panel that cell 1 has been scanned showing the cell definition, material, and density.



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