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Detailed Penelope Course Description

Scope and Objectives

This course is designed for researchers in Radiation Physics and its applications. The main objective is to provide the participants with a detailed description of the new, 2019, version of PENELOPE, with an ample perspective on Monte Carlo methods for simulation of electron/photon transport. The course will consist of theoretical lectures and hands-on sessions. Basic aspects of Monte Carlo sampling methods and scoring, physical interaction models, constructive quadric geometry, and transport schemes for charged particles will be introduced in the theoretical lectures. Benchmark comparisons with experiments will also be presented to illustrate the capabilities and reliability of the code. 

Hands-on sessions will be based on the generic main program PENMAIN, which operates with a variety of radiation sources (now including radioactive sources) in material structures described by the quadric geometry tool PENGEOM. The exercises will be performed with a new graphical user interface that largely simplifies the operation of the code. Hands-on sessions will deal with:

As in previous editions, the duration of the course is four and a half days. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 14.

Syllabus (T, theory; P, practical):

T1. Monte Carlo simulation. Basic concepts

T2. Physics of photon interactions

T3. Physics of electron/positron interactions

T4. Electron/positron transport mechanics

T5. Geometry

P1. The PENELOPE code system

P2. Practical simulations with PENMAIN

Teachers of the Training Course / Tutorial
Francesc Salvat, Randy Schwarz