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October 2017 Int. MCNP Workshop Class Photo

October 9-13, 2017, Intermediate MCNP6 workshop in Paris, France

1. Claire Bayol - TechnicAtome
2. Vittoria Baldioli - Dounreay
3. Thomas Wright - Areva
4. Mickael Pessemesse - ONET Technologies CN
5. Armand Erlank - North-West University
6. Bernard Van Der Walt - North-West University
7. George Adams - Imperial College London
8. Heloise Morin - Aergon
9. Aurelie Bardelay - IRSN
10. Lily Bossin - Durham University
11. John Hendricks - Instructor
12. Randy Schwarz - Instructor

October 2017 Int. MCNP6 Sillouette