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October 2016 Paris Class Photo

October 10-14, 2016 MCNP6 Intermediate Workshop in Paris, France

1. Fredrik Nielsen - Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden
2. Thomas Mispagel - WTI GmbH, Germany
3. Daniel Sunhede - Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden
4. Santiago Terron - Fusion for Energy, Spain
5. Yasmina Rharade, AREVA-TA, France
6. Matteo Ferrari - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica, Italy
7. Kyeong Ho Kim - Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, South Korea
8. Iulia Companis - Institut de Physique Nucleaire Lyon, France
9. Christopher Helbert - MSIS-Assistance, France
10. Julien De Bonfils - SOM RHONE ALPES, France
11. John Hendricks - Instructor
12. Doris Merkl -TUV SUD IS GmbH, Germany
13. Jeremy Koubbi - AREVA-TA, France
14. Thomas Taylor - EDF Energy Generation, United Kingdom
15. Yelko Chento Valiente - Idom Ingenieria y Consultoria SAU, Spain
16. Randy Schwarz - Instructor

October 2016 Paris class Sillouette.