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June 2014 MCNP6 Intermediate in Barcelona

June 2014 MCNP6 Intermediate Workshop in Barcelona, Spain

Left to Right:

1. Yannick Dodane - International Atomic Energy Agency
2. Peter Roocroft - Nuclear Technologies
3. Jörg v. Loeben - Mirion Technologies (MGPI H&B) GmbH
4. Maksym Chernykh - WTI Wissenschaftlich-Technische Ingenieurberatung GmbH
5. Byung-Gun Park - KAERI
6. Michael Blythe - Nuvia Limited
7. Karim Butalag - Best Theratronics ltd
8. Anne-Sophie Jaud-Leclère - CIS bio international\IBAmolecular
9. Albert Einstein - Polytechnic Institute in Zurich
10. Olivier Gueton - CEA
11. John Hendricks - LANL
12. Toby Tyas - Atkins
13. Thorsten Hermes - Westinghouse Electric Germany GmbH
14. Not Listed