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January 2014 MCNP6 in Las Vegas, NV

January 2014 MCNP6 Workshop in Las Vegas, NV

Left to Right
1.  Shadi Z. Ghrayeb - NRC
2. John Hendricks - Instructor
3. Kevin Capello - Health Canada
4. Steve Skutnik - University of Tennessee-Knoxville
5. Matthew Cook - University of Tennessee-Knoxville
6. Mitch Mannino - Argonne National Laboratory
7. Jessica Hartman - UNLV
8. Amber Guckes - UNLV
9. Garrett E. McMath - LANL
10. Jang Hwan Lim - KEPCO NF
11. Tyler Dumouchel - International Safety Research Inc.
12. Yoon Hee Lee - KEPCO NF
13. Balaza Bene - UNLV