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November 2013 MCNP6 Class Photo

November 2013 MCNP6 Workshop in Barcelona, Spain

Left to Right:

Front Row:
1.  Eric Mwanyisa Chinaka - Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa
2.  Fabrice ECRABET - IRSN
3.  Zsofia Kokai - European Spallation Source
4.  John Hendricks - LANL - Instructor
5.  Siriyaporn Sangaroon - Uppsala University
6.  Raphaelle Ichou - IRSN
7.  Konstantin Batkov - European Spallation Source

Back Row:
8. Davide Parise - IAEA
9. Friederike Renate Frieß - Technische Universität Darmstadt
10. Tim Hicks - Galson Sciences Ltd
11. Tomas Billy - Czech Technical University
12. Einstein - Polytechnic Institute in Zurich
13. Kwang Ok Ko - Korea Nuclear Fuel Co.
14. Matt Childs - AWE
15. Bo Yol Choi - KEPCO