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May 2012 Beginning Vised Richland

May 21-25, 2012

In the picture above (left to right):
1.  Darrin Hekkala - Dade Moeller
2.  Randy Schwarz - Visual Editor Consultants - Instructor
3.  Keith McCartney - Dade Moeller
4.  Matt Smith - Dade Moeller
5.  Ryan Schwarz - Visual Editor Consultants - Engineer in Training*

* So...  Isn't Ryan just a little young to be taking a Visual Editor class?  Sadly, yes.  He will have to wait a while for his RSICC license and you can't take a Visual Editor class until you have a valid RSICC license.  It was, however, a beautiful sunny day in our home town and Ryan's school was not having classes due to a teacher planning day so he tagged along with mom to do this brief photo shoot and couldn't understand why anyone would not want him in the picture.  The very nice students invited him to hop in the photo so he has the distinction of being the first kindergartener featured on our class archives pages.  Look for him to be back here in about 12 years.