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2011 September DC Class Picture


September 2011 MCNPX Workshop in Washington DC

1.  Chul Gwon - US Naval Research
2.  Madalina Erighin - Babcock and Wilcox
3.  Trey Hathaway - Babcock and Wilcox
4.  Matthew Jackson - US Army Nuclear & CWMD Agency
5.  Daniel Speaker - Babcock and Wilcox
6.  Kenneth Dayman - University of Texas
7.  Kevin Kramer - Applied Research Associates, Inc.
8.  Andrew (Steve) Richardson - US Naval Research Laboratory
9.  Kazuro Hiromoto - MHI Nuclear Engineering Company, Limited
10.  Trenton Franz - University of Arizona
11.  Jaehoon Song - KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
12.  John P. Apruzese - US Naval Research Laboratory
13.  Jennifer Brand - University of Nebraska
14.  Stephen Swanekamp - US Navel Research Laboratory
15.  Debbie Daroset - ManTech
16.  Justin Cantley - University of Florida
17.  Michael James - Instructor - LANL
18.  Brenden Heidrich - Pennsylvania State University

Not Pictured
Youngmi Gil - KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
DC Sillouette