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2011 May MCNPX Chicago


May 9-13, 2011 MCNPX Workshop in Chicago, IL

1.  Peter Chapman - US Army
2.  Jens Schubert - Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH Dresden
3.  Mattiau Hersin - Paul Scherrer Institute in Sweden
4.  Rown Parola - Indiana University Health Proton Therapy Center.
5.  Cedric Herman - Canberra
6.  Michael James - Instructor - LANL
7.  Mihai Horoi - Central Michigan University
8.  Tom Roberts - Muons Inc.
9.  Louann Tung - LLNL
10.  Steven Sheets - Muons Inc.
11. Charles Henkel - Nuclear Safety Associates
12.  Huayou Wu - ANSTO - Austrailia Nuclear Science and Technology
13.  Babatunde Moses Oginni - Canberra
14.  Craig Kruschwitz - National Security Technologies LLC

2011 May MCNPX Chicago Sillouette