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Training by Visual Editor Consultants

Small Class Size, A Computer for Every Student, Taught by MCNP Experts, Excellent Training Materials for Future Reference

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Orlando Class

May 24-28th, 2010 in Orlando, Florida

As listed by the numbers in the silhouette to the right:
1.  Timothy Spillane - Canberra Institute
2.  Michael G. Houts - NASA  MSFC
3.  Kyeong Ja Kim - Korean Institute of Geoscience and Mines
4.  Warren Woodward - The Aerospace Corporation
5.  Lawrence L. Burke - Idaho National Laboratory
6.  Erin M. Dughie - University of Michigan
7.  Russell C. Johns - LANL
8.  Herbert Hoedimoser - Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland
9.  John Hendricks - Instructor
10.  Dong Keun - Korean Atomic Energy Research Association
11.  Jitka Sakova - Royal Institute of Technology
12.  Robert Madden - L3 Communications
13.  Daniel F. Hollenbach - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Orlando Sillouette