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Small Class Size, A Computer for Every Student, Taught by MCNP Experts, Excellent Training Materials for Future Reference

DC Splash

September 14-18, 2009

In the picture at the top, from top left going counter-clockwise:
The top banner used to promote the class.  The banner contains a picture of the host hotel (the Embassy Suites) and various Washington DC Landmarks.

(middle - left) A picture of the students in the class.  The picture it taken in the hotel lobby.

(bottom - left) The Tuesday night dinner provided for the class.  This was held aboard a cruise ship.

(bottom - center) The class in session.  John Hendrix is teaching.

(bottom - right) The cruise ship the dinner was held on.

(middle - right) Two pictures of the Embassy Suites hotel which hosted the class.  The top picture is of the lobby.

DC Class Photo

Click the photo above for an enlarged view.
1. Mike James - LANL
2. John Hendrix - LANL
3.Chul Gwon - Naval Research Laboratory
4. Jeffrey R Vanhoy - US Naval Academy
5. Marc S. Litz - Army Research Laboratory
6. Arnold Pompos - University of Texas Southwestern
7. William Dent - Dent International Research, Inc.
8. Carrie Bayer - Directed Technologies, Inc.
9. Andrew Spisak - Directed Technologies, Inc.
10. Christopher Walker - Radiance Technologies, Inc.
11. Elena Novikova - Naval Research Laboratory
12. Stephen Swanekamp - L-3 Communications/Naval Research Laboratory
13. Donald Hall - Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute