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ALARA animation for a contaminated pump (1994).

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This figure shows an As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) tool based on over 2,000 hours of MCNP calculations. These calculations were in support of the removal of a contaminated mixer pump from a waste tank. The dose rates for this operation were anticipated to be very high, so it was requested that ALARA calculations be made to better understand the dose rates and how they could be reduced. Dose rates were calculated on a 2D grid for the three major dose rate locations: the waste tank; the region inside the pump; a thin film outside the pump. These dose rate grids where then combined by the graphics program to generate the cumulative dose rate fields. By dividing the dose rate into its three components, the magnitude of each source could be changed without having to redo the calculations. The complete process of removing the pump from the tank and placing it in a storage cask was simulated in MCNP and the dose rates were calculated for key steps in the process. This data was then visualized by the ALARA tool that was developed for the ALARA engineer. The ALARA engineer was then given the capability of inserting "stick figures" into the plot window and the program would then calculate the cumulative dose rate at the location of the stick figures. In each frame of the process, the ALARA engineer was allowed to move the location of the stick figures. With this capability the ALARA engineer could create fairly accurate dose rate assessments for the operations being performed.

  • First 39 frames of the animation as a powerpoint show. Right click and select "Save Target As" to download.