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Intermediate MCNP6® Using Nucwiz

Nucwiz (click here for more information) is a graphical user interface used for the creation of Monte Carlo input files.  In this course, the efficiency of Nucwiz is utilized to allow the workshop to move more quickly through geometry creation.  This enables a 5-day workshop to cover more intermediate and advanced topics and spend less time creating test geometries. 


Nucwiz will be used for geometry creation.  The Visual Editor and MCNP® will be used for plotting/running.  This allows workshop participants to use the best features of each code as needed.


Monday - Geometry

Tuesday - Universes and Lattices

Wednesday - Criticality and Physics

Thursday - Sources and Tallies

Friday - Variance Reduction

slide 1  slide 2 
Introducing NucWiz Nucwiz Geometry Creation
slide 3  slide 4 
MCNP Geometry Cross Sections
slide 5  slide 6 
Lattices Criticality
slide 7  slide 8 
Sources TMESH Tally
slide 9  slide 10 
FMESH Tally Variance Reduction