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Don't Do That BannerGeneral quadratic surface for sphere not recognized as identical to sphere surface.

Anomaly: The run dies with lost particles for an input file with a gq and an identical defined surface.  For example, it does not recognized identical spherical surfaces if one is defined using an "so" card and one is defined using a "gq" card.
History: Submitted by user.
Versions affected: MCNP5, MCNPX, MCNP6
Impact: Run terminates with Lost Particles
Work Around: Do not create duplicate surfaces with non-matching cards.


Steps required to reproduce this anomaly:


Note:  Run this example in the RSICC release of each of these codes.


About the Input file:

This input file contains two identical spherical surfaces with a radius of 50.  One is defined with an "so" card and one is defined with a "gq" card.


duplicate surface fail plot


duplicate surface fail input


Click here to download the input file, iddt5 (2 kb).



Run the input file in MCNP5 and/or MCNPX and/or MCNP6 verify the result.


Work around:

Do not create duplicate surfaces that are defined with non-matching card types.



Results obtained from our test:

MCNP6 fails.  Run is terminated because 10 particles got lost. 

duplicate surfaces fail