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Picture of Richard L. Manke

Richard L. Manke

PO Box 1308

Richland, WA 99352 USA


B.S. Architectual Engineering, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, June 1963.

Technical Capabilities

Richard Manke has had a long and distinguished career as an architect, college instructor, and college dean. Following his graduation from college in 1963, he joined Pence Associates in Pasco Washington as a draftsman. He "moved through the ranks" to become an associate and then a full partner. He designed over 30 buildings throughout his career both with Pence Associates and with a limited private practice while he pursued other career paths. His credits include numerous schools, veterinary clinics, and the Public Safety Building that is an addition onto the Franklin County Court house.


In 1974, he was offered the position of Department Head for the Engineering Technology group at Columbia Basin College. He would serve in that position for over 20 years. He led the department to become a leader in new and emerging technology. In the late 1970s, Columbia Basin College was one of the first to realize the future of stand-alone CAD systems. His department owned the first of Hewlett Packard's roller plotters (serial number 000001). He took his department from drafting boards and pencils to a state of the art lab with 18 Hewlett Packard workstations running AutoCad version 14.


He had an excellent relationship with the students, many of whom went on to become leaders in CAD design. He took students to National competition twice. After winning first place in the state Vocational In-Service Clubs of America (VICA) drafting competition, they went on to win 12th place in the National competition in Kansas and 5th place the following year at Nationals in Tennessee.


In 1996, he was offered the position of Dean of Communications Technology. During this pivotal time in the colleges technological growth, he helped to guide the construction and start up of a new technology center that enabled distance learning via satellite.


Since his retirement in 1997, Richard runs a limited architectural practice taking on a variety of small architectural design projects. He has also served as an invaluable source of knowledge and experience to Visual Editor Consultants' new CAD technology.

Certifications and Licenses

Washington State Architectual License #1713