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Lee Carter

Leland L. Carter

Carter M. C. Analysis, Inc.,

6636 Hogan Drive N.

Keizer, OR, 97303 USA


Ph.D Nuclear Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, June 1969.
M.S. Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, June 1964.
B.A. Engineering Physics, Northwest Nazarene College, June 1961.

Professional Memberships


Dr. Lee Carter coordinated the effort in 1976-77 that combined a number of special-purpose Monte Carlo computer codes, along with an upgrade to an interactive rather than batch computer environment, to obtain the first release of the MCNP computer code that is now utilized extensively throughout the world. This effort launched a user-friendly code, with the powerful features of a point-wise treatment of cross sections in a flexible three-dimensional geometry treatment with accurate simulation of the neutron and photon physics, into a technical community that needed this computational tool for a wide variety of applications.

Other Accomplishments

Publications/Technical Reports

Publications include a book, 14 journal articles, 20 technical reports, and 56 technical meeting publications.


Journal Manuscripts

Technical Reports

Technical Meeting Publications

International Meeting Publications