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Workshop Content Comparison

The level 3 MCNP6 workshop spends a day each on physics and criticality burnup.

The level 2 Vised workshop will instead cover data visualization and an extra day of variance reduction.


Workshop Level 1 Level 2 & 4 Level 3
Number of Instructors 1 1 2
Number of participants Less than 5 Less than 5 More than 10
Installing/running MCNP6 x x x
Basic geometry x x x
Universe/lattices x x x
Sources x x x
Advanced sources x x x
Basic Tallies x x x
Tally plotting x x x
Cross section plotting x x x
Criticality x x x
Variance Reduction   x (2 days) x (1 day)
Advanced tallies     x
Advanced physics     x
Criticality Burn up     x
Importing MCNP data into Excel for visualization   x  
Importing CAD geometries   x  
Plotting with the Visual Editor x x  
Creating files with the Visual Editor x x  
Source Point Plotting x x  
3D geometry display x x  
Particle track plotting x x